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Early childhood music program: Music for Young Children (MYC)

The Music for Young Children (MYC)’s curriculum was created to build and sustain a wide and firm foundation in music education, appreciation and performance for young children. (quoted from MYC, 2016)

Your child will not only learn how to play the piano and read music, but are also taught sight-reading, composition, and ensemble playing techniques that help build strong foundations on their aesthetic development and musical intelligence.

The program is composed of different elements ranging from singing, listening, keyboard, rhythm ensemble to composition. The curriculum are divided to four levels and your children will be placed to each level according to their ages and abilities. 

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Our piano instructors include Michelle or Christina. Based on learning style and goals in lessons, we customize lessons to fit individual need. Students may start with learning the basic skills all to way to advanced techniques, including score-reading, rhythm, tempo and performing skills.

Piano Lesson
Flute Instructor


Our flute instructor, Christina, loves sharing her passionate for flute. Learning this wind instrument promotes strong breath control, fine motor skills & self confidence. Students will learn to produce beautiful sounds fit for solo or group performances and be able to play Classical or pop music. We reccomend students be over 7 years old and have some musical experience before starting the flute.

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Electronic Drum Set


Our drum instructor, Simon, makes these lessons nicely challenging and engaging. He will cover many styles, note and chord reading. Students will learn techniques such as stick gripping and rhythm control. These can strengthen students’ rhythmic and musical sense. 

Ukulele & Guitar

We reccomend ukulele for younger students as is is relatively easy to learn and the smaller size makes it suitable for children. Guitar is suitable for children with larger hands or for teens. You can either sing-along or play together with friends. Our classes will enable students to learn the basics of playing either melody or chords on string instrument. Simon will promote learning strong technique and reading music notion along with quickly getting chords and songs to start playing.  

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