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A book of sheet music open on a piano. Two hands are positioned ready to start playing the piece

More about Michelle

Michelle started learning piano at a young age. These early musical experiences helped shape her love for me and she is very glad to have had them. Michelle has gained multiple certificates as well as experiences teaching over the years. She has received her Associate Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 8 piano and Grade 8 theory certificates and she was a music teacher in choir & preschool for 7 years. She has abundant experience in teaching children and planning a comprehensive curriculum in music education. Whether it’s to prepare for a practical examination in a pressure-free learning environment, or systematically gaining comprehensive musical knowledge, she is committed to facilitating student learning.

There is scientific based research that provides strong evidence to support that music education can enhance cognitive development and executive function of children. Michelle is well aware of this as she has graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master of Education. She has also been a Lecturer in higher education teaching “Child Studies & Development” and “Music Education Curriculum in Early Childhood Education”. Her research interest is “Music & its Effect on the Brain Development” in the early childhood stage. Her expanse of knowledge in childhood development & education contributes to her teaching philosophy and the vision & mission of Milo Music Inc.

 “The gift of music will last a life time”

Michelle has received Music for Young Children(MYC) training and is a current MYC teacher. This curriculum is an internationally leading quality program which is why Michelle, with her background in childhood development, is confident that these classes are well designed for young children.


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