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Is my child ready for lessons?

Our Music for Young Children program starts as young as 2 and many children are very successful in it. But the children that progress quickly often have a couple skills before they even come in. There is a lot of debate about when exactly you should start a child in music lessons and it's hard to say a specific age as every child is different.

-They've exhibited sustained quiet concentration on some tasks. We try to keep everything exciting and we play tons of different games, but sometimes a little sustained focus is what's needed to master a skill.

-They've expressed interest in music. This might be by making up songs, or maybe you got them a toy xylophone which they love? Or are the bottom of your pots turned into drums on a regular basis?

-They have fine motor skills. Moving fingers independently or being able to pick up and hold small objects are two things that just make learning to do those things in a musical context much easier.

- They know their alphabet up to G and are able to count to 4. This one is definitely just to make it easier on the teacher as skilled teachers work around this all the time. But it's just one more thing we don't have to teach in class so we can move forward quicker.

However, the best way to know if your child is ready for lessons is to try one. This is one of the many reasons we offer a free trial lesson.

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