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What they don’t tell you about music lessons

We try to be transparent about every aspect of lessons, but there are things that are less talked about.

We don’t tell you how much time you’ll spend pleading and/or ordering your kid to practice before lessons. And we don’t tell you about how annoying it is when they finally do practice and it’s the same piece over & over & over again.

But we also don’t tell you about the feeling of pride you get when your kid voluntarily practices because they have ownership of their lessons and their success. And even better when you realize it’s fun for them; it’s stress relief; it’s relaxing after a long day at school. It eventually stops being the slow struggle over short sections and becomes mini concerts in your own home.

We don’t tell you about how you will now have to attend your children’s recitals where other people’s kids will get up and play. You will have to clap politely for each one and wonder why on earth am I spending my night listening to ten versions of Jingle Bell Rock.

But we also don’t tell you of how proud you feel when it’s your kid at the recital who has the courage to play in front of the crowd. When you have seen all the work that goes into that moment for them, it becomes the most beautiful performance ever.

We don’t tell you about how quickly it seems those short children’s concerts of the same simple songs turn into wonderful nights out where you’re treated to live music of a high caliber, that you can’t believe is coming from your kid.

There are many things we don’t tell you, but we’re looking forward to you experiencing them for yourself.

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