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Sing loudly and out of key

As a parent, you do so many things to help your kids get the best start in life.

There is one simple thing you can do that will help them excel at music lessons and become a more musical person.

Start singing at home.

Sing along to the radio.

Sing made up songs

Sing loudly.

Sing out of key.

Sing as you wash dishes.

You may say “But I can’t sing!”. That’s OK. Sing anyways.

Nowadays, many kids are only exposed to polished, recorded music (which is also a good thing!), but they also need to hear live, imperfect music. And have permission to do music imperfectly themselves.

So take this as permission to be the “cringy” parent who sings to themselves as they do chores or sings along to songs on the radio. It’s good for your kids, after all.

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