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How to keep your New Years resolutions

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

You may have made a resolution for 2022. You may have made more than one.

If learning an instrument is on your list, here are three tips to help you achieve it.

  1. Figure out why it's important to you about learning an instrument and determine a specific, reasonable goal. Saying "I'm going to learn piano" is very vague and there is no way to tell when it's been 'achieved', but "I'm going to start weekly piano lessons so I can play Fur Elise (or chord along to a fiddle or pass my RCM level 3 exam)" is more specific and can be 'achieved'.

  2. Choose a set time and place when you will focus on practicing. Setting up a nice space that you use at a regular time helps practice to become an escape from life rather than another chore to do. Practicing regularly for just 10 minutes a day will help you improve much faster than irregularly 'cramming' practice.

  3. Reach out to book lessons. By already investing time and money into booking lessons, their value goes up to you. It becomes a question of "should I quit?" rather than "should I start?"

We would love to help you on your musical journey, so please reach out!

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