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Is my child ready for flute?

On our website we say flute lessons are only available for student over 7 years old. This age can definitely change for every child though. There are 3 key things we need to consider before starting flute lessons. Some are physical attributes that just need time to develop and some depend on the attitude of the child.

  1. Their arms and hands must be large enough to hold the flute correctly. If their fingers are too small, they will compensate in weird ways that make relearning the correct way later much harder. In the worst case scenario, it can even contribute to strains later on.

  2. They need good breathe control. Ideally, they should be able to blow out at least 10 candles with one breath. While there are exercises that can help with breathe control, having developed enough lungs is the best option.

  3. The flute has a steeper learning curve than something like piano or drums. They will need a longer attention span and the maturity to keep trying after some initial fails. Ideally, they should be able to spend 20-30 minutes focusing on one task.

These are the 3 things we consider when taking on a young flute student and often around 7 years old is when these 3 things develop. But if your child is big for their age, or has a burning passion to try the flute, talk to us!

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