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Ditch the Mozart

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Humans are innately musically creatures. For millennia, we've been humming lullaby's to our infants, making up songs to distract our toddlers, and singing with our friends.

Singing too and with your children is a wonderful way to bond with them and share the joy of music. It doesn't even have to be songs like 'Baby Shark' or 'Let It Go'. What are the songs that you love, that make you dance around, that you know all the words to?

Share those songs with your kids. (You may want to find the censored versions depending on your tastes) Music is an intimate form of connection and kids can feel when we're being disingenuous. You may have heard of the study showing that kids who listened to Mozart in the womb were smarter. This is a myth that persists because listening to music does infact produce benefits, it just doesn't have to be Mozart or even Classical music. In fact, if neither of you are enjoying it, it's doing more harm than good.

So, don't torture yourself with non-stop Mozart if what you really love is Taylor Swift. They will both teach kids rhythms, pitches, and melodies and will both engage both halves of their brain and encourage creative thinking.

But more importantly, if it's the music you love, they'll see the joy that music can bring which will set them up for a life long relationship with music.

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